What to Wear to the Beach 

If you fancy braving the cold, heading away for a holiday in the sun, or just looking to get prepared for when the heat comes back on, you’ve probably been thinking about what you should wear to the beach. Beach fashion can sometimes seem like a bit of a strangely complicated area, I mean, you’d think that all you need is a swimsuit and something to cover up and you’re good – but as you probably know the reality is a bit more nuanced than that. 

So, let’s get started then, while I guide you around the missteps and pitfalls of beach fashion. 


Choosing the right swimsuit can be the most challenging part of heading to the beach. Not only do you have to think about current trends and fashion, but you also have to choose something that you’re going to be comfortable in. Luckily there’s a huge range of swimsuits out there, from tiny bikinis to granny one pieces, so you’ll always be able to find the right one for you – it just might take a bit of digging. 

Buying your swimsuit online can often be the best way to get a design which is modest but stylish, although you’ll need to be aware that sizing issues will be worse. Once you have a swimsuit that you like the look of, the trick is to wear it in the shower before heading to the beach, that way you’ll get a good sense of how it feels and looks when it’s wet. 


Covering up when you’re not in the water or sunbathing is essential at the beach – you don’t want to end up all covered in sunburn after all! The standard options are to wear some loose-fitting shorts and t-shirt/blouse over your swimsuit, but you also have some more stylish choices if you opt for a kimono, kaftan or maxi dress instead. The most important thing is that you choose something that is easy to get on and off once you’re at the beach. 

The Other Bits 

The entirety of the rest of beach fashion is everything else that you take with you: necklace, bag, earrings and the other bits. There’s no real limitation on what you can wear, but my advice is to choose things that are light and on the small side, that way they’re easy to wear and they won’t mess up your tan. Try and stick to the classic straw variety for bags and sun hats too, since they’ll keep you nice and cool. 

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