Elemental Accessorising  

Accessories are the secret to fashion success. Even the most uninspired or visually boring outfit can be elevated to new found heights with the right use of a necklace here or a belt there. Since accessories can make or break an outfit, there are a few basic elements that you should try and stick to for the best results.  

To keep your accessorising game on point all you need to do is work in a few of these elements, and you’ll be elevating your outfits to legendary levels. 

1: Balance 

Balance is an important part of all fashion – you never want to overwhelm one element with another. When accessorising you need to be careful to not go too far in one area to the point where it distracts from the rest of your outfit. For example, heavy bangles on one arm might detract from a subtle watch on the other. Try and keep things even, but don’t be scared of committing to a single signature accessory if you really want to make an impression. 

2: Consistency 

Mixing things up and adding some visual variety to your outfit is certainly something that you should be doing, but there is a limit to how much variety you can get away with. Try and limit your accessories to one or two distinct styles, anything more than that might just overwhelm the rest of your accessories and give it a messy appearance. 

3: Layers 

Layering your accessories is a good way to get away with having more or mixing styles. When layering your accessories, it is best to mix up the length and size of the individual items to give the best effect. For example, mix a long, medium and short necklace together for more impact. 

4: Colour 

Like the other elements of accessorising, colour is all about knowing when and where you should go further or take a step back. Generally, the same rules of colour matching that you’ll have used for the rest of your outfit apply, but you might find that you can get a nice overall effect by choosing a distinctive colour for a feature accessory. A general rule of thumb is that feature accessories should be the same colour of at least one other piece of your outfit. 

5: Restraint 

You might have noticed that all of these elements share the same basic factor: restraint. The true secret to accessorising is being able to do a lot with a little. Always try and follow Coco Chanel’s rule before heading out – take one accessory off. This will help to keep your outfit subdued, but memorable. 

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