Australian Winter Style Essentials 

Winter here in Australia can be a bit of a tricky business compared to some of the other countries out there. While the difference between summer and winter in, say, Europe can be like night and day, the differences here can be a little less clear. What makes things that bit less predictable is that we’re still not immune to sudden bursts of really bad (or really good) weather. 

So, with all that to think about, how exactly are you supposed to dress for the winter and keep on top of all the latest fashion trends? 

Join me as I try to answer that question, while guiding you through the world of Australia winter style essentials. If you’re looking to pick up any of the items that I mention, then you can get them for less by using Groupon’s deals on fashion to save. 


This is a winter staple for a reason. Knitwear is versatile enough that you can wear different thicknesses depending on just how cold the weather is, while always making sure that you look great and feel cosy.  

While you can’t go wrong with a sweater/blouse combo, there is a new knitwear trend that has been catching on this winter – the matching knitwear outfit. This outfit is basically a jumper and a knitted skirt together, but the overall effect is one of completely comfy cuteness. 


At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if gingham never goes out of fashion. It has been hanging around for ever, but that doesn’t mean it has gotten long in the tooth at this point – in fact I’d say it is anything but. I’m not quite sure what makes gingham so enduring, but there is no denying that a gingham jacket or skirt imparts a level of easy elegance that you just won’t find anywhere else. 

Puffer Jackets 

If you’ve just woken up from a coma and don’t have a calendar lying around anywhere, then an easy way to check what time of year it is, is to look out the window and see what people are wearing. If you see puffer jackets everywhere, then you can trust that it is probably winter. The good thing about puffer jackets is that they can provide you with all the warmth you need, so your outfit underneath doesn’t have to be as seasonally restricted as it would be with other jacks. 

Puffer jackets are also perfect for a bit of dancing, and there is no denying that they’re just fun to wear. 

Faux Fur 

While I could never in good conscience recommend wearing real fur, there is something about its texture and look that just can’t be beaten – that’s why I can, and will, recommend wearing faux fur this winter. Once you’ve eliminated the whole animal cruelty side of things, all you have left is a gorgeous outfit that stands the test of time with elegance. 

Trench and Hoodie 

Another style that you’ve probably already been seeing a lot this winter is the trench coat and hoodie combo. This blend manages to combine the comfort of just wearing a hoodie, with the undying style of trench coats and it is my favourite example of how layering can make an outfit so much better. Since you can pick up trench coats and hoodies in so many different styles and thicknesses, you can adjust this outfit to suit both you and the weather perfectly. 

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