2018 Festival Fashion: Outfits 

The festival season is almost upon us, and as you head off for some fun in the sun (or rain) you’ll probably already have started thinking about exactly what you should be wearing. To help you look your very best while you’re having the time of your life, I’ve put together a few tips and ideas that you should keep in mind while you plan out your outfits this year. 


Sportswear in fashion is coming back in force this year, which is great news for looking good while feeling comfy at the same time. While it’s still probably not a good idea to turn up in a full tracksuit, wearing sporty shoes or shorts would be perfect. On the plus side, they also give you that bit of extra freedom and movement to really dance like there’s no tomorrow. 

Bum/Belt Bags 

Bum bags have finally escaped their reputation as being only suitable for dads and American tourists, to become a must have fashion accessory in 2018. They are perfect for your festival outfits because not only do they look cure, they’re also small enough to carry pretty much everywhere – ideal for carrying phones, makeup and other essentials. 

Jewels & Glitter


Festivals are one of the few times that it’s socially acceptable for you to cover your face in copious amounts of glitter, paint and stick on jewels – so my advice is to take advantage of it while you can. It’s up to you to decide what approach you want to take too, for some people less is more, and a light dusting can be enough, for others they’ll prefer to cover every area of exposed skin with sparkles. Just remember that you’ll likely be finding glitter in unexpected places for weeks after. 

Kimonos & Kaftans 

Festivals can be notorious for temperamental weather, especially if you decide to travel further afield to festivals like Glastonbury in Britain which has become famous for its mud. Packing heavy duty protection like rain ponchos is essential for this weather, but what do you do if it is just a little chillier than you expected, or the sun passes behind a cloud? 

Kimonos, kaftans and over long flowing clothes are the answer. 

Elegant, stylish and not too heavy, they are ideal for giving you some more protection from the elements as well as adding some much-needed swooshing and swishing components to your outfit – perfect for when you’re dancing. 

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