2018 Festival Fashion: Beauty Essentials 

Once you’ve got your perfect outfit all sorted out it’s time to round things out with some perfect beauty essentials. These are all the things you just can’t do without, whether that is to help you look fabulous or just to make sure you make it out the other side in one piece. So, before you head off for a few days of partying, make sure that you have everything right here on this list. 

Cleaning Wipes & Deodorant 

They might not be anywhere near a real replacement for a shower, but they’re a whole of a lot better than nothing. After a few days dancing in the sun, sprucing yourself up with these might be your only choice to help to keep the flies at bay and make people stop pinching their noses and running away from you. 

Hair Loops 

Festival fashion is all about accessorising and adding a bit more “out there” flair to your look than you would normally have, and hair loops are one of the best ways to get that done. They can be braided into your hair and then left there for the whole of your time at the festival, adding some extra texture and glamour to your look. 

Jewels & Glitter 

I’ve already talked about why jewels and glitter are so important for festivals in my 2018 Festival Fashion: Outfits blog, but I’m going to double down here as well. Seriously, take this opportunity to plaster yourself in shiny things – it might be the only time you get to look like a walking piece of jewellery. 

Bright Colours & Pastels 

What might seem garish at any other time of the year is completely appropriate when it comes to festival time. A combination of bright colours and pastel shades will have you embracing the festival spirit and looking ready for anything. Finding a blend of light and heavy application is key – for example, going light around the eyes and then adding a bit more attention to the lips will give your whole look more gravity. 


The culmination of being able to take things that bit further with your look during a festival, is ombre makeup. Becoming something of a trend last year, ombre makeup is still great for a truly fabulous festival look. Combined with the others on this list, you’ll be leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. 

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